Hacia una democracia paritaria

Mientras pienso el título de esta reflexión, siento que no puedo soslayar qué interrogantes nos plantea el deseo de ser paritarias en este siglo 21 atravesado por una pandemia global e instituyente…


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Secret Missions guide 3.0

The service allows NFT owners to earn the resources they desperately need to survive in this harsh city.

The service has recently updated its design and has become more convenient and functional. Both the computer and mobile versions have been updated.

If you are having trouble using the new version, this guide is for you!

Sectors differ in their rewards and difficulty (which means you need more characters to explore them).

Each character’s strength differs depending on their purity:

Each district requires certain indicators of strength:

2. After selecting a sector, the reward and the required character power will be displayed.

Press the “Explore sector” button to confirm.

3. Next, you must choose the characters going on the mission.

4. The power bar must be 100% full for the mission to be successful.

Press the “Explore sector” button to confirm.

5. Confirm the transaction in the wallet.

If the required gas per transaction is high, press the Edit button and set the gas value to Low.

6. Done! Now your fighters are exploring the city.

You can read about their successes in the story that was generated by the AI. Now the anticipation is no less intriguing!

7. Remember to pick up your fighters when the mission is over!

We wish you good luck and successful missions in the violent Cyber City!

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