When to Use MongoDB Rather than MySQL

MySQL and MongoDB represent two sides of an argument that has been raging recently concerning data storage — the tried and tested relational database vs. non-relational or No-SQL database. They are…


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10 Most Popular Figma Plugins

On August 1st the cloud based design tool Figma released plugins into their platform. As someone who uses Figma everyday, this was like Christmas morning for me. I got to open a bunch of presents and couldn’t wait to see what was inside each of them. I‘ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far and excited to see what the future holds for the Figma plugin world. I saw a few reviews but really wanted to see what the most popular ones were and how useful they were, and since that didn’t exist, I decided to write this article. The only way to currently rank the plugins is by the amount of installs they have, so I hope you enjoy my review of the most downloaded Figma plugins so far.

By Unsplash

Description: Unsplash inserts placeholder images into shapes or frames. You can select multiple elements at once and Unsplash fills them with different images no matter the size of the element.

Why you should use it: It’s a much faster method than finding placeholders in google images, saving them, resizing them, having them be different resolutions and not looking uniform. Another advantage over google images is that the Unsplash images are licensed so you can use them for both commercial and personal projects so you never have to worry about copyright issues. You can choose from random images, choose from several categories or search by keyword.

Room for improvement: An option to automatically convert the images to greyscale for wire framing would be useful. That can be done in Figma by doing this, but something as simple as a checkbox for greyscale in the plugin would be much faster.

By Coinbase

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