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Making a simple scatter plot with d3.js

This tutorial uses d3 v4.6. The CDN is hosted on Cloudflare, so you can start by adding this script tag to your html file:

While still in your html file, add a div with an ID (I’m using #scatter in this tutorial) where you’d like the scatter plot to go:

Now onto the javascript. Create a new javascript file for your graph (don’t forget to go back to your html file and add a script tag for it!).

First, we’ll set our variables for margin, width, and height.

Now we need to append the SVG object to the #scatter div we made earlier in the html.

Optional: If you want to connect your data points like this, add this code for a trend line:

*make sure you sorted your data in the format/sort step, or you may have a weird shape here.

It’s time to add the actual data points:

For both the line and data point code, you can edit the way it looks with the .attr lines.

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