I Can Finally Experience Joy

I have listened to my body — not my rational judgment — to get where I am today. An awareness of physical responses has served as the primary guiding force throughout the process of gender…


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My Edojobs Super Techies Flight.

I fell in love with tech when i was 12 years old after watching the Computer animated superhero film "Astro Boy" wanting to be like Dr. Tenma who was playing a big role in developing Metro city, building robots to make life so easy in the city, in other words, he contributed greatly in the economic growth of Metro city and ever since then I've had the dream of contributing greatly to the economic growth of my country Nigeria.

This led me to do researches on the kind of course i should take when applying for tertiary institution but unfortunately, the people I asked discouraged me telling me there wasn’t any course in Nigeria I could take that would help me achieve that, while my friends had no idea of what I wanted and laughed at me whenever I talked about it.

Fortunately, my researches helped me discover amazing fields I could consider going into to achieve this. Fields like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, cloud computing, and Internet Of Things and eventually ended up deciding to study statistics at the University of Benin, seeing all of the fields mentioned above has a lot to do With Data.

But then at the beginning of this year(2021), I felt like I should start becoming that person I dream to be and shouldn’t wait till after studying statistics for 4 years before I start becoming that person. And suddenly I came across the Edojobs Super Techies Programme powered by Edojobs in partnership with Pluralsight, which is a 6 months intensive and expert-led program to master a technology pathway that includes Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. I didn’t hesitate to register as this is the training I’ve always wanted, the training persons told me years ago that I couldn’t get in Nigeria, it’s here! It’s in Nigeria and in Edo state (Where I reside) how amazing.

I got selected for the training and we had our onboarding session yesterday (15th March 2021) and it was amazing to know that the training is being fully sponsored by the Edo State Government, it's 100% online meaning although I have to finish the course within now and 6 months I can do that at my convenience and it wouldn't affect my school or any other thing I'm involved in.

We have mentors who would guide us through the paths and since I stay in Benin City, I can get to see them physically at the Edo innovation hub and I have an extra benefit If free access to wifi and power supply. The most amazing part is that we get to complete a project at the end of the training, I already had projects/ideas I'd want to work on even before I came across the training and it excites me to know that with this training I would be able to execute them.

There are so many other amazing benefits like getting internships at the end of the program and for persons who end up having a start-up idea have the chance of being given funds to execute it and finally we get certified after the successful completion of the training. All of these for Free! This is so much from the Edo State government and Edojobs, Thank you for this massive opportunity.

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