The Accidental Panama Papers

The so-called Panama Papers exposed 2.6 TB of information that threatened the reputations and privacy of many of the world’s richest and most powerful figures. If you thought this kind of incident…


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How Future Cosmic Collisions Could Spark Alien Life

An expulsion of star-stuff may give humanity distant neighbors

The origin of life has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Science fiction has had an absolute field day depicting various ideas regarding our origin.

A wide array of beliefs from pure biology to faith cover the topic extensively. From a scientific standpoint, there are still mysteries surrounding our biology and development.

I’ve always been curious about the concept that life on Earth could have begun somewhere else initially and then spread here. Although it is a stretch, it’s a fun idea to toss around.

I’m not necessarily sure what this would look like, but I don’t think it’s similar to the movie Prometheus. In the film, an alien vaguely resembling humans lands on Earth and seemingly ingests a fluid that breaks it down to a molecular level. It’s DNA then gets spread throughout a waterfall and, metaphorically, Earth itself.

Now, in theory, is this method of life’s origin plausible? Yeah, sure it is. However, technically anything is as well. One potential theory for the universal spreading of life that resonates with me a little more, though, is that of cosmic collisions.

Forget for a minute the mystery of life on Earth. Picture in a couple of million years our society gets wiped out by some asteroid that we were unable to destroy.

Oh no, how tragic!

Yet, what if that was not the end of life?

Imagine if tiny bacteria were able to survive on the fragmented pieces of our planet or break off and crash into other worlds where the bacteria are able to spread. Life would be able to spread even though it had ended on one planet.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that extreme either. Some scientists speculate that a bacterial-level of life may be abundant throughout the universe. All it needs to spread is a mode of transportation.

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